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2 definitions by fuckthewhat

what you can find in the smosh pit at smosh.com
Check the smosh pit for more smoshy goodness!
by fuckthewhat August 29, 2010
A hot, very attractive boy who plays Günther Hessenheffer on Shake It Up. Also Young Jacob in Lost. He's 5''8 and born May 12, 1995 at 2:22 am on a Friday. He plays guitar and has two younger sisters, Jessica and Rebecca. His twitter is kentonjduty. He's also very yummy when he wears a fedora. His catchphrase is "Hello Bay-Bee!!"
Girl 1: Why is Bruno Mars wearing a fedora your phone backround?
Girl 2: *facepalm* It's not Bruno Mars! It's Kenton Duty!
by fuckthewhat August 19, 2011