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the same as a nanosecond, but less sciencey-sounding.
I ran right into him when I came around the corner, but it only took me a billisecond to pull the trigger.
by fuckthepolice November 11, 2007
an african word meaning "leave"
When a guy with a spear is screaming "kuleka" at you from behind some bushes, you should probably dip.
by fuckthepolice August 27, 2008
A God. He steals everyone's bitches. Cooler than anyone you will ever meet.
It's CALB!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!
by FUCKTHEPOLICE March 04, 2015
Euphoria means you are feeling much better than you usually do. However, since the prefix "eu-" is Greek for "normal", the implication is that the way you feel in everyday life is actually "dysphoria", a state of depression.
The legendary psychedelic chemist Alexander Shulgin brought the true meaning of euphoria to my attention.
by fuckthepolice February 18, 2008

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