13 definitions by fuckoffanddie

the armpit of Virginia.
you: hey want to go Dale City tonight?
me: hell no!
by fuckoffanddie March 27, 2005
what morons say when they want to gawk at you on the internet.

also used mockingly if said to someone who is a douche bag, or an idiot.

also known as: DO U HAVE PICS
girl in chatroom "hey I got my haircut today"
douche bag: "SND PICS PLZ"
by fuckoffanddie March 25, 2005
the plural of trunt.

a bunch of group of trendy cunts.
usually over the age 25.
here come a bunch of trunts
by fuckoffanddie March 27, 2005
One who masturbates into thier hand, which is full of feces.
you: hey bitch!
me: hey shitfist
by fuckoffanddie March 27, 2005
A trunt is the compilation of "trendy" and "cunt" put together. A trunt is usually a girl or woman, or group of women who have no other purpose in life other to wear the latest 'fashionable' clothes, listen to the 'latest' music and are 'into' the newest trends..ie: new tv shows, new hair styles, etc.
me: look at that fucking trunt.
by fuckoffanddie March 27, 2005
a dick that is so bent it looks deformed.
me: did you and Jeff fuck last night?
you: OMG he pulled his pants down and he had a banana dick...so i left.
by fuckoffanddie March 27, 2005

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