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Connecticut College is an elite liberal arts school located in New London, CT, similar to Colby, Bates, Trinity and other NESCAC schools. Conn is generally known for its interdisciplinary studies (a.k.a. do whatever the hell you want), drama and dance, strong international program, and terrific professors. Not many people outside of the Northeast have heard of it, though it's often considered a safety for those that don't get into Ivy League schools. Despite that stigma, it's still better than most state schools, and has excellent academics.

Conn used to be ranked in the top 25 LACs during the early 2000s, however, the school has dropped off due to a presidential transition as well as a lackluster endowment (only been around since 1911 / used to be a women's college and women don't give money).

Recently the school has been on a $200 million fundraising campaign in order to beef its endowment and attract more applicants. Its acceptance rate hovers around 30%, making it one of the most selective schools in the country.

The social life is a harmonious synthesis of bros, artsy liberals, and stoners, though most people are pretty serious about academics. Nearly everyone is white, and almost half of the kids come from exclusive prep schools (Choate, Deerfield, MICDS). The girls are also pretty hot.

Not a bad place to be.
Asshole: So where are you going to school?
Conn College Student: Connecticut College.
Asshole: Cool! Go Huskies!
Conn College Student: Fuck you.

Non-asshole: So where are you going to school?
Conn College Student: Connecticut College.
Non-asshole: Word.
Conn College student: Word.
by fuckharvard March 14, 2011

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