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A treacherous species inhabiting southwest Florida's beaches. One of east Naples finest specimens. Can be seen roasting the glass cock before migrating to safer waters.
The Man...The Myth...The Walrus.
by fuckerIdid April 30, 2003
Anyone, under the influence of disco jam, who beleives in any way that his/her babbling conversation will be remembered or carried out the day after.
Did you see Benny, he was so chowder boxed out, that he could'nt decide which important fact he wanted to express at last night's spectacular performance.
by fuckerIdid April 30, 2003
the act of swallowing an entire load protein wash
Damn!!!That bitch straight gobbled the chowder like a true professional!
by fuckerIdid April 30, 2003
When the aveage toilet becomes destroyed by a foul or loose consistencied bowel movement, usually rendering the area worthy of evacuation.
Domination stations can be spotted at local beach restrooms or gas stations.
by fuckerIdid May 08, 2003
Any sports fan that cannot be seen, at any times, without is favorite team's ball cap on. Predomionantly prevalent in baseball fans. Frequently seen blowing rent money at nearest watering hole or sports bar.
Its all fun and games until the hat rack loses the game.
by fuckerIdid April 30, 2003
A species originating from Yemen, in disguise as an Italian from New Jersey, commonly seen bottom feeding among local night clubs in southern Florida.
Steve - " Ey..but I'm italian...ey?"
Adam - " Bullshit your a fuckin yam from Yemen. Go charm someone else's snake dwarfed petey puffer
by fuckerIdid April 30, 2003
Any surfer who beleives that he has died, passed heaven, and been reincarnated as a lost boy surfer. Commonly seen listening to dirtrocker punk, trying to score with sluts, and getting disrespected at his local break by an out of town surfer.
Bro..Did you see my spray? Hot Buddy!!! Hot buddy!!! Guttermouth!!!Owwhh!!!
by fuckerIdid April 30, 2003

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