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a person who slacks off constantly but some how manages to get better grades than ppl actually do the work, and mooches off of friends' food, items, etc but still has an amazing gf/bf/best friend/etc. usually has a great personaility.
UGH HENRY IS SUCH A SLACKMOOCHER! but i cant stop talking to him cuz i love him...
by fscb August 24, 2008
another term for a pothead, weedhead, etc; a person who smokes and enjoys pot often, and usually in great quantities. They take whatever amount they can get, and when the going gets rough will search far and wide for more to smoke.
Damnnnnn Haley's turnin into such a reeferwhore... she's been searching for a source for the last 2 weeks..
by fscb May 20, 2009

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