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Derogatory n. pl. Black person. Usually of lower class and mentality.
Most of those jigaboos end up washing cars or shooting each other.
by frylock April 23, 2003
A young hip-hop dog with a frog on his cap. Loves Sunny.
PaRappa's better than Unjammer.
by FRyLoCK May 31, 2005
N. Odd individual who says "ehmm hrmm" after pontificating something special.
Slingblade said, "I reckon them thar liberals need a good ass fuckin'. Ehmmm hrmmm."
by frylock May 21, 2003
Noun/Adjective, 1900's:
A young idiot roughly between the ages of 14-18 (because 13-year-olds are still too juvenile to be considered a teen -- not like being a teen makes you any more mature). 3/4 of which are obnoxious, bratty, wannabe-outcast mallrats.
This dude's such an asshole. He's 27 and he's such a teen.
by FRyLoCK May 31, 2005
N. youthful, angst-ridden, person whose musical preferences range from loud and crappy to scratchy and crappy.
GODSMACK is a crappy band who only teenagers could endure.
by frylock May 21, 2003

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