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your mouth
I would like nothing else then to hit my sposed friend right in the kisser.
by fruit of the loom April 16, 2004
a friend is someone you should be able to trust but can't because they are constantly stabbing you in the back and are always mad at you. And no matter how much you want to get away from them you jus can't because they would like to see else then for you to get hurt and everyone to stop liking you. A friend should be someone you can turn to and trust yet most completley turn on you and dont care about you or how you feel because they are completley self centered and their goal in life is to see you unhappy.
My friend is a complete loser and i cant stand her because all she wants is attention and could care less about me and jus can't wait to see me unhappy.
by fruit of the loom April 16, 2004

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