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Looks like it should be pronounced Koo-Boo but is actually pronounced Kum-Boo. Surname, Figian in origin.

Kubu's are historically totally awesome people.

Kubu's have big hearts and like to make you giggle!
Kubu: Hi, my name's (insert name here) Kum-Boo.

Friend: No it's not it's Koo-Boo

Kubu: No, it's Kum-Boo, it has a silent 'M' in it.

Freind: Oohhh (feels sheepish)
by FruddyLovely February 19, 2010
When you go shopping in Gap for a pair of Jeans and end up with a whole new wardrobe of clothes...you are said to have gone a bit Gaptastic.
Friend 1: I like you're new jeans

Friend 2: thanks, they're Gap

Friend 1: Oh, and that top's nice

Friend 2: Yes, it's new, also Gap

Friend 1: Don't tell me that's a new cardigan too

Friend 1: It is indeed...I went shopping the other day and went a bit Gaptastic!
by fruddyLovely February 25, 2010
a word occasionally used by old people/ clueless people. What they actually mean is 'Texting' - ie to send a text message.

Or, occasionally used as a term for 'chatting' on-line.
Out of touch with reality person:
"Oh, i can't be doing with all these young people teletexting all the time. Why can't they just pick up the phone and have a conversation like we used to in the good old days."
by fruddyLovely February 25, 2010
A lady with a lack of definition to her legs. The calf and ankle appear to have merged into one and other and you might describe them as her cankles.
Person 1: Poor girl, must have had a nasty sting from a Stingray or something?

Person 2: No mate, she was born that way, she's just got cankles.
by FruddyLovely February 25, 2010
A word that a person will use who is not really familiar with facebook or youtube and thus combines the two, often with hilarious results.

Usually this person has been to public school and is slightly out of touch with reality and on account of all their preferred old fashioned hobbies such as cricket and fox-hunting, they simply do not have time for 'teletexting on the internets'.
Person 1: (to a friend) Oh, that knob head Joe Bloggs from school tried to add me as a friend on facebook the other day...

Person 2: (not the friend person 1 was talking to) (on overhearing elements of the above statement, but not really concentrating on account of his head being in the clouds counting up is potential inheritance)... "oh yar, what is this facetube thing everybody's talking about these days anyway?"
by FruddyLovely February 25, 2010

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