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party girl, sorority girl, shallow girl. Plural form, bippytwats. Can not be used as an adjective. More often used in place of a proper noun when speaking of materialistic women, aged 13-29 years old.
"I'm down to earth, I don't hang out at malls or talk about shoes like a bippytwat."

"All that bippytwat ever wears is pink."
by fronsay April 10, 2009
ourageous, absurd, surprising

Instead of using "ridiculous" a comical twist is applied and a person may replace the audible sound, 'dic' with 'cock'

thus pronouncing it ruh-cOck-yoo-luhs, it has the same definition as ridiculous.

Also known as "redonkulous"
My parking ticket was $30! That's just recockulous!

by fronsay April 10, 2009

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