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Located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada the University of Windsor is the southernmost university in all of Canada. (however, like pretty much all Canadian universities it still gets it's share of snow during the winter.)

The U of W is known for having one of the more internationally diverse student bodies in all of Canada, but the majority of it's students are still from the Windsor-Essex County and Chatam area (over 80% of students who go on to university from these areas will attend the U of W).

Historically, it hasn't scored well in Maclean's Magazine's annual University Rankings, but then again Maclean's Magazine is basically the Fox News of the North. In reality, the university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees, including a well renown engineering program which has placed in the top 3 in each of the past three years in a competition against other engineering programs in Ontario.

Richard Peddie president and CEO of Maple Leafs sports and entertainment, graduated from the U of W with a degree in business and is still a proud supporter of the school and has be known to offer internships to Windsor MBA students.

Finally some of the benefits U of W students enjoy are a lively downtown district located close to the campus (5 minute bus ride), 3 pro sports teams located in downtown Detroit (Red Wings, Tigers and Lions) and the newly renovated and state of the art St. Dennis Center facility which played host to the 2008 Canadian Olympic Trials and is home to Lancer's Football, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball and the CIS champion track and Field team.
Person1: So I heard you were thinking about the University of Windsor
Person2: Yeah, I am. But what about their rating in Maclean's?
Person1: Dude, it's Maclean's!
Person2: Good point...
by frods01 May 08, 2009

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