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4 definitions by fritz_lapook

Placement of the cat box off the floor, in order to prevent the dog from eating the cat turds. The higher the better, preferably.
Have you scooped the feces penthouse? It looks fully occupied.
by fritz_lapook September 27, 2009
Egg-like muscle that protrudes on the sides of the upper arms, the likes of which would never develop without steroids.
Check out his eggoids, the dude is totally ripped.
by fritz_lapook September 26, 2009
One who globs huge spoonfuls of peanut butter into one's mouth as a snack, a meal, or a brief antidote for life's anxieties.
Is she into cooking?

Nah, she's a globber.
by fritz_lapook September 28, 2009
Overprotective dog owner
He couldn't concentrate at the office, worried his terrier couldn't look after itself. During lunch break, he drove to doggy daycare with a special treat for his dog. He is such a helicopter bitch.
by fritz_lapook September 26, 2009