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A word used to describe something intense and fierce. Used as a noun and adjective. Can describe an object/person.

Noun: Prostitute, Party animal, someone sexy, the person that gets things poppin', knows how to break it down, and struts their stuff.

Adjective: wildly crazy, usually out of control, simply tasty and irresistible.

-Time usually stops when a freakalicious is spotted.

- Warning freakaliciouses may bite and act feisty in certain situations.
-"Ouch that freakalicious just bit me, do I have rabies?"
-"Sorry I'm late for class, I SPOTTED A FREAKALICIOUS!"

-"That girl is acting freakaliciously, it's giving me jungle fever."
-"That freakalicious pie, was delicious and juicy."
by frischoe February 05, 2010
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