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Grand Blanc is a suburb of Flint, MI. People often asscoiate Flint with crime and shit, but Grand Blanc is a nice town. It has one of the states best school systems and is maybe the only city in Michigan that actually has a growing populatian. But Grand Blanc isn't perfect,expensive as hell, too many snotty citizens. I lived in Grand Blanc for years and let me tell you that they have some huge ass houses. Those people are snotty with their Mercedes and BMWs. Grand Blanc also has problems with the amount of students coming into it's school. Since the Flint schools closed...so many people come to Grand Blanc schools. Not blaming them, but the schools test scores have been going down since flint had problems with it's schools. And Grand Blanc lost the Buick Open. Overall, Grand Blanc is decent, but it's got problems
Guy 1: Flint is the 2cd worst in crime. The suburbs are probably no better

Grand Blanc guy: I live in Grand Blanc

Guy 1: oh.....my bad
by freshcarrots54 July 24, 2012
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