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2 definitions by freon76

Authentically-Born Woman

Statement to confirm that the person in question was born originally-a woman. As opposed to scammer trannies.
guy 1: Check that girl out. She legit?
guy 2: Totally ABW. She grew up in the same neighborhood as I did.
guy 1: Time to lay game, then!
by freon76 August 02, 2011
Acronym for 'Wizz In My Pants'. Self explanatory. To urinate in one's own pants. Can be used in literal terms or as a figure of speech (for people who got dead scared of something)
Literal: Damn man! I got so drunk last night, I W.I.M.P.-ed!
Figurative: That movie was so scary I W.I.M.P.-ed out.
by freon76 May 12, 2010