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When a man of hispanic origin uses his dirty mustache to stimulate a womans clit by stroking it in an up and down fashion.
Dude, did you hear Jose performing the mexi tickler on Carla last night. I could hear them through my door all night long.
by freebird nelswan April 14, 2009
a drunk woman with a fine ass
"Check out that crunkadunk on the dancefloor"

by freebird nelswan March 18, 2009
This person takes gingerism to the maximum. They are defined by curly red hair, a face full of freckles, obnoxious laugh, and a very present underbite. Often referred to the King of the Gingers.
"Did you see that RHB (Red Headed Bastard) getting on the bus earlier this morning?"

"Yeah I saw it! I knew it was going to be a great day after seeing that!"
by freebird nelswan January 11, 2010
A term used for a person of the Asian heritage that tends to piss you off
That fukasian just ate my gushers and wouldn't help me with my homework.
by freebird nelswan March 31, 2009
an analogy for particularly rough sex
"It's conjugal visit day at the penitentiary. I bet there's going to be a ton of pelvis boxing going down."
by freebird nelswan March 30, 2009

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