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4 definitions by free_me

Said sarcastically to a person who says he/she would like to do something and the other person listening doesn't believe he/she can, or thinks that person has no chance at all of ever doing it. Doesn't have a chance in hell.

Ex. Guy: "You and I will hook up some day, you'll see."
Girl: "Dream on!"
by free_me July 08, 2006
Kiss on the mouth; a french kiss
"There's was a liplock to remember."
by free_me July 06, 2006
getting it on; having sex; getting down to business; revealing somebody's personal info to do damage or put them down.
"Those two were getting downa dirty on the dance floor."
"When they were rappin', they started getting down and dirty."
by free_me July 06, 2006
The real deal; the true story; what's really going down; what's happening behind the scene.
"Here's the down and dirty." "What he's telling you is the down and dirty."
by free_me July 06, 2006