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1. Rasta way of saying "Yea, man" (Translation into mid-west jargon is "You Betcha")
2. An enlightened, or enthusiastic agreement, especially if by stating the obvious there is a greater signifigance that is left unsaid.
"It's interesting how Iranians use Twitter to communicate."

"Cha mon. You can say that again."
by free4all23 June 26, 2009
Variation of "shoe gazers", and still pertains to music listener's posture, but slightly changes vernacular to play on their age, as well.
Musician #1: I thought this audience would get into our concert more. You know, show more enthusiasm.

Musician #2: Nah. I'm sure they like our music, but they're shoe geezers, and they enjoy it passively even though it moves them.
by free4all23 June 26, 2009
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