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A country I am proud to call my home.

We have every thing

high living standards
Strong economy
good music
good people
and Canada is especially proud to call the United States of America its neighbour, friend and ally
Canada is lucky to have such a good friend as America who will fight to the death for us even when a bucn of hypocrite Canadians trash talk America

God bless Canada
God bless America
by free thought master June 22, 2005
A bunch of kids in your highschool who will constantly whore for a attention. Think they are funny and uniqe when they are really just annoying self-centered morons who are about as funny as watching a handicapped kid play with a ball. Most of their humour consists of being really loud and abnoxious while moving their arms and saying things that are either really offensive or don't make sense. Tend to be very arrogant and think their all that
Drammy walks over to door and opens it

Drammy: Open!!!!Haha aren't I funny because im loud!

Me- Oh my god! How funny! Who the hell would ever predict the door would open! I didn't see that coming! Wow that was really impressive and funny! Speaking the most freaking obvious things in life is ingenious!
by free thought master June 22, 2005
The kids that never really ever fitted in and where made fun of for most of their childhood. When they got to highschool they tried to fit in but where still given a hard time. They eventually form a group and slowly start wearing black and talking about how they hate life. Often get do very strange things for attention. Do very poorly in school and anything else in life (sports, music, grades, drama) yet claim to be artistic
Goth-Fucking prep!

Me-What did you say?

Goth-You don't understand what pain really is!

Me-Pain you think you understand pain and suffering? Your a kid in the suburbs in the most affluent area of town who has most likely never met a poor person. If you want to now pain try living in a third world country
by free thought master June 22, 2005
People who are often used as scape goats by kids he feel out of place in high schools. Usually singled out for being more succesful and happy with themselvs.
Emo Kid- I hate popular people because they are all conformist pigs who aren't unique

me-No, no, no. You are just jelous that they are more succesful and happy about themselvs. I am not popular but I don't go and bitch about what they are doing because I can enjoy life
by free thought master June 22, 2005

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