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A bunch of kids in your highschool who will constantly whore for a attention. Think they are funny and uniqe when they are really just annoying self-centered morons who are about as funny as watching a handicapped kid play with a ball. Most of their humour consists of being really loud and abnoxious while moving their arms and saying things that are either really offensive or don't make sense. Tend to be very arrogant and think their all that
Drammy walks over to door and opens it

Drammy: Open!!!!Haha aren't I funny because im loud!

Me- Oh my god! How funny! Who the hell would ever predict the door would open! I didn't see that coming! Wow that was really impressive and funny! Speaking the most freaking obvious things in life is ingenious!
by free thought master June 22, 2005
People who are into theater; actors and techies.
The Drammies are putting on a play tonight!
by Josh December 25, 2004
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