142 definitions by fred

when you take a humongous shit and then theres no toliet paper
oh my god that shit was good.... hey wait, wheres the T.p.... god damnit..Constawanger....
by Fred April 09, 2005
1.) The subject you are talking about has many w00t characteristics.
2.)w00t flows in the subject.
3.)When expressed towards something, as in the example, it applies the power of w00t to it.
M4ximum w00tage 70 411!!
by Fred March 20, 2003
anything from the great city of philadelphia or a philly blunt
you wanna go to that philly jawn

pass me that philly jawn
by Fred January 04, 2005
fucking someone before they get pubic hair
he's trying to hit it before the hair does
by fred March 15, 2004
it a name from wales it means little snow drop
me mate eirlys is great in bed
by fred October 25, 2003
rap. Rap is crap.
you can't spell crap without rap
by fred November 11, 2003

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