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Gaming company that, with the Genesis, was very popular, especially with Sonic. Got progressively worse as time wore on. Currently attempting to sue the website ytmnd for using their image. there is about a .05% chance they'd win that sort of thing
If Sega had good enough games they wouldnt need to be making money by suing innocent websites (ok, not THAT innocent)
by freakingname January 14, 2007
The substitute for eye contact when a man is talking to a woman with big breasts.Though he may try to make eye contact, it's often unavoidable to sneak a peek.
Jen: Hey Mike
*Mike makes boob contact*
Mike: oh.. Hey Jen. What's up?
Jen: My eyes, for one thing, you perv.
Mike: Sorry, it's like hypnosis
by freakingname June 16, 2007
The ultimate in being depressed and a cutter.One who does such a maneuver will hold out their arm like a violin/stringed instrument with their wrist/underarm as the strings. Then use the razor to perform a "symphony"
-Hey there's mark. His girlfriend left him.
-Holy shit, what happened to his arms?!
-Depressed bastard must've played a razorblade symphony over it
by freakingname May 12, 2007
When you have a free period in school and you go down to the farthest drink machine from you to waste time/ get a Hawaaian punch
Dude, I don't have any homework, let's punch it.
by freakingname December 22, 2006
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