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One of the greatest DJ's that will ever exist ever. Pioneer of many forms of music that exist in the mainstream today and was behind bands such as The Smiths before they became extremely successful. He had his own show on Radio 1 and also presented Radio 4's Home Truths.

He had an extremely open minded view to music and this left a huge mark on the music industry. No one can possibly replace a man as great as this.

Rest In Peace John Peel (1939 - 2004)
John Peel, a legend through and through.
by freakeh October 29, 2004
An excellent person who is extremely oily at times but always comes through with the no eyebrows treatment. He plays too much rugby for his own good and is a CS newb LoL!

A.K.A. "Greasy oily rich boy"

He needs to give me money!
rofl that OriX character is a bit sexy isn't he?
by freakeh October 28, 2004

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