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a) a term used to convey to a person that they are talking total NONSENSE.
b) a term used when there is lack of better comebacks
c) a term used to make it look like u were listening to a conversation when in truth u have no idea as to wht the speaker was talking about. NOTE: even though this may seem like a completely random thing to say, it has a high success rate.
a) "Bush rocks!!"

b) "You think you're better than me??? Huh?? Do you?? "

c) ".... and so thats how i landed up in the shithole with horse crap all over me. So anyone who says it was my fault can go die. What do u think?"


blonde girl : "snif sniff my boyfriend left me..he thinks i m fat... do u think i m fat?"

A: "uhhh... YOU SUCK?"
by freakazoids July 05, 2007
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