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20 definitions by freak

My Dad is not hip.
by freak July 16, 2003
a kid it the youngest grade of a school
"lets go beat up some grommits"
"outa my way grommit!"
by FREAK June 07, 2004
I want some more beef jerky
by freak July 16, 2003
Another name for a turd
by Freak January 19, 2003
Woman, usually young, wearing a highcut skirt or shorts revealing the bottom half of her ass
That new girl in class is tanga from hell.
by freak June 16, 2006
I'm a teenie and you're just jealous 'cause we get more attention from the bands we think are hot and the band members like us more than you!!!!
oh, i just samantha cos she only likes tony and benj for their looks!
by freak October 20, 2004