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Although other definitions refer solely to the physical room, a "green room" may refer to a "saying-goodbye" event popular in the theater programs of certain high schools. During a "green room," the members of the cast and crew who are graduating seniors are spoken about (often individually) by underclassmen, in front of everyone else. These speeches often incorporate how missed the senior will be, what an impact the senior had, and an important story about the senior. It is often a heavily emotionally-charged event, with an understandablly-large amount of tearing up, straight bawling, and laughter.
Nick: Jeremy sounded so heartfelt when he spoke at Anthony's green room after the show last Spring.

Tom: It was really good. Remember John's green room last year? That was pretty hilarious: me, you, and Joe remembered all the great times we shared with John.
by frankroush March 24, 2013

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