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From Italy, Italian background or (50%). If your one of those guys who has like 1/4 Italian in you, your still a brother too. Best food in the world, good looking, layed back people. Humorous and good lovers. Usually have large a penis. Darker hair, sometimes very dirty blond, depends if you are from the north or the south. Darker skin. If you are Italian and you talk with an accent that is normal. But if you don’t that doesn’t make you
non-Italian. Very smart people, great architects. Just look at Rome. Fuck you to all the racists out there who think we all wear umbro and adiadas with Cesar hair, and have mafia connections. The Italian family will stand up for each other till death. Close nit big families. Good sense of style. Easy to tell if Italian by last name. Usually good people and easy to be friends with but can snap if rubbed the wrong way. If brought up a tough area will be an amazing fighter. Great red wine.
My italian brother was my best friend and loved by all.
#mafia: orginized crime #brother:pizano #wop: bad name for italian #laied back: easy goin #1/4 italian: a little italian but you still pizano to me
by frankie giacomelli January 23, 2007
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