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a douche bag with ugly, over-highlighted hair, and dates stinky girls with scene haircuts, and yeast infections.

always talks about suicide, even though he is too CHICKEN SHIT to do it!
and have very lame names like _____xchaos.
I have a huge depression problem, should be taking medicine, but don't. Thats to start. I have insomnia, which is killing me very slowly. Every night that I don't get sufficient sleep, takes time off my life's clock. I wake up everyday and my mind tells me the world is ending later that day, who the fuck knows why. I have a strange obsession in believing I am not real. No one is. We will all wake up eventually in a world where nothing is peaceful. We wake up and grab our guns and go defend ourselves to stay alive for a few more hours, if so. I've definitely had some weird thoughts clouding my thought process to the point where everything I see, to me is just another illusion. Something that shouldn'tbe there but I CAN touch it. I CAN sence its presence.

you're a SHIT CHICKEN!
by frank_fan101 September 25, 2008

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