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a guy's tasty dick when he gets oral sex without having washed 'recently': his partner is having a 'salty sam' on account of the salty sweat and other residues that are ingested in the process of the fellatio
she just went for it before i could suggest a quick shower...I thought "hey, I guess she won't mind a salty sam...whatthafuk, maybe she likes it that way!"
by franc black May 09, 2008
Copying somebody else's cool lingo from their status entry or other.
"Facebook status: Toad Man used to care, but things have changed. Check youtube's L9EKqQWPjyo

that's status plagiarism Mike! come up with your own status worthy songs ;)"
by franc black December 14, 2009
When a man is very certain that he's getting a sexual opportunity, but is unable and/or unwilling to wash off his manhood beforehand. His penis is a 'salty simon'.
I hate that she makes me work so hard for a bit of loving. To balance things out a bit, I'm going to present her with a salty simon.
by franc black May 05, 2013
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