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A man gets on his hands and knees and gets a reach around while having his asshole eaten out.

See also

"English Duster"
Boy I tell ya,
If I keep getting these hand me down reach arounds I'll never have to worry about prostate cancer.
by fr3q June 26, 2012
One man gets on his hands and knees and bends his dick backwards so the other man kneeling behind him can suck his dick and blow air on his asshole thus dusting the english.

Can also be described as one man down on his hands and knees and with his ass in the air gets jerked off from behind while having his asshole eaten out.

see also "hand me down reach around"
I had a really great time the other night, after we went home I gave him an english duster

I really think our relationship is going to work out everytime we fight I give him an english duster and we go walk our dogs in time for sunset
by fr3q June 26, 2012
In addition to the "English Duster" :
Once the receiver blows his load into the givers mouth the receiver tongues the load of cum into the others asshole and the guy then farts it into the face of the guy who was blowing him.
After I was done giving him an english duster he gave me a little treat and finished it off with a creamy duster
by fr3q May 20, 2013
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