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a eskimo turned politician who commonly uses her hand for political ideas. her major credential being she can see russia from her house. she says no more then a whiny teenage girl

doing the sarah palin: saying no
dude 1: wanna go to the movies?
dude 2: no
dude 1: want me to give you money?
dude 2: no way leftist!
dude 1: fuckin sarah palin
by foxyfox2451 March 02, 2010
When you are taking a crap and there's a little piece hanging left over and you cant get it out. Common techniques involve wiping it, but that usually gets messy, or waiting and shaking.
Dude 1: Are you coming?
Dude 2: Slow down i have a hangover!
Dude 1: Oh, crap
Dude 2: Literally. I dont know if i should wipe it or keep shakin. This is gonna smell nastay.
by foxyfox2451 March 02, 2010
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