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3 definitions by foxpack

when 3 really, really hot teenage guys have been at the pool for an hour and a half and just as they are leaving, two girls who are about the same age and are probably super models and are even hotter than these guys walk in and take off their outer layers leaving only a bikini covering the two finest looking bodies known to mankind
see above
by foxpack July 02, 2004
a SUGAR cone with melted ice cream dripping down it. so named because of resemblance to the face of a girl who is about to ejaculate. for WAFFLE cone, see oprah.
though refreshing, ice cream is not a good remedy for the summer heat because if you start talkin' to some bitch and forget about your treat, it could become a vagina blanket
by foxpack June 05, 2004
when you are eating an ice cream cone and the ice cream melts/drips onto the cone. comes from zambian roots "ou-" meaning "shape" and "-preh" meaning wet. only refers to waffle cones. all others, see vagina blanket
i bought my ice cream cone from a vendor at the cubs game, but it was so hot that by the time i had paid him, i was holding an oprah
by foxpack June 05, 2004