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a pressmans apprentice
Where is that little Printers Devil, I need my ink tanks filled!
by foxfire87 December 13, 2007
term used for a pressmans pre- apprentice. usually takes the blame for journeymans mistakes, yet well protected by the union...usually responsuble for all the shit jobs in the pressroom. Term is usually restricted to web press trade. the flyboy gets his name from pulling bad copies from the fly of the press untill the press operator apprves the copies. If he proves loyal,and effeiciant, he will be approved for an apprenticeship, then 4 years later becomes a journeyman. As unions die off, this proceddure will become history.
Have that freaking flyboy get the starter plate, its at the chute! We need these presses runing!
by foxfire87 December 13, 2007
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