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1 definition by fouronefive

Also known as Money County, the 415, etcetc. One of the richest counties in the US, consisting of everything from Sausalito (Saus-Town) to Novato. Known for its rich natural beauty, even the inmates at San Quentin have a good view. Typical Marin weather cannot be classified as typical, cause it decides to fluctuate between 80 degrees one day and 2 inches of rain the next. A great place to raise a family in but hell once you reach your teen years, which is why we have the highest underage drinking problem in California. We love our thizzles and just about everyone you know has smoked or regularly smoke weed, including parents and teachers, since we're pretty much the home of some of the most chronic weed in the country and originators of 4:20. Because the most feared robbers in the county are racoons, Marin cops do their job by fucking with teenagers and will not hesitate to stop you for skating without a helmet on. Middle school years are spent at Bat and Bar mitzvahs, at Northgate mall, at the movies, or at someone's pool party. A typical weekend night for a Marin high schooler consists of driving around looking for parties, finding one, the cops shutting it down by eleven, and having nothing to do so you end up at In-N-Out, Sol Food or the CVS parking lot and knowing half the people in there. And it takes a trip to some foreign country to realize we live in one of the nicest places in the world. As much as you get to hate it, you just can't imagine growing up anywhere else.
$1 million dollars will buy you a one level house with no backyard in Marin County.
by fouronefive March 13, 2011