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a name for someone who tries to do a trick on a skateboard but clips and eats it, making them a pussy.
1.- John tries to kickflip to nose manual a box but clips and gets owned by the box.
- "Nice one cliptoris!"
2. "Frank is such a cliptoris, he always catches his back truck when he's trying to ollie up that tiny curb!"
by forum4yb December 01, 2009
a person or trick that has so much steeze (style & ease) that its almost unbearable. generally used in snowboarding, skiing and skating.
That 540 misty was a steeze bomb!

Did you see that steeze bomb just 270 to front board that handrail?!?
by forum4yb January 16, 2010
Acronym meaning "suck my dick all day". Commonly used by teenagers.
That girl told me she wanted to SMDAD

SMDAD you hoe!
by forum4yb February 18, 2011
mad faggotry
dude that haircut makes you look like Justin Bieber
by forum4yb July 07, 2010

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