8 definitions by formation

A kid who thinks he is black"(adjctive)" 2. Reffering to "Ricky King"
3. Little retarded black kid.
A person who loves to be raped in the arse by big blue things.
look a the blue pensi ricky random ha. "I am the blue penis"
by formation March 04, 2005
E-BJ A person giving another person a 'Blow Job' Over the internet.
Hey dude if u give me a Rapidshare Premium account ill give you a E-BJ.
by Formation June 26, 2006
A collection of halerious gamer shows web www.purepwnage.com
Director: kyle
RtS Gamer: Jeremy
FpS Gamer: Doug
pure pwnage fucking rules.
by formation March 15, 2005
Peenu is a form of erotic dancing and usually refers to sites such as tubgil, goatcx and tonydanza
That peenu is soooooo coool.
by formation March 03, 2005
Pensi commonly used in sexual forms when goatcx enter's the room.
Fuck My Arse That Pensi is erotic
by formation March 03, 2005
1337 commonly used in games and on warez forums.
It is also such a interger.
1337= leet, l33t, LeeT, |33t, |337
Also not used buy n00bs if not spelt 1337
and also |-| /-\ x 3 |2 s 9 3 /-\ |k
fuk up u 1337 n00b ur so gehy
by formation March 04, 2005
To pwn (own) someone is a flawless victory dating back to Counter Strike Beta 0.8 when a n00b said pwned instead of owned this grew on all the 1337 gamer and made it a populer addressing this work did not originate from War Craft only n00bs play war craft.
Man i pwned that guy/girl!
by formation March 04, 2005

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