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A condition which is characterized by a low tolerance for alcohol, affecting statistically about 50% of Asians. Scientific research reveals that it is caused by what is considered a genetic defect, and as such, typically cannot be "overcome". Symptoms are alcohol-induced, can range from mild to severe depending on the individual, and include:
- redness and "flushing" of the face
- a sensation of heat
- splotchy redness on the neck, shoulders, and upper torso
- dizzyness/drowsiness
- accelerated intoxication

Though it is thought to be an Asian affliction exclusively, it is a misnamed syndrome which is found in half of all Asians, small numbers of Caucasians, and ALL Native Americans.
Research is being done on this strange condition known as "asian flush", using Native American participants.
by forgotmyusername December 24, 2005
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