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to over blunder, as in cooking.

to blend your ingredients to such a state as to be unusable.

or to disrupt the ingredients in another way also to render them unusable
"The pulse setting can be used to avoid over blundering the ingredients...".

"It's such a disappointment when one over blunders one's shortcrust and it shrinks in the oven . . ."
by ford dagenham December 29, 2012
A man stupid enough to thow his penis out the window of a moving car.
'that guy at Number 9; he's a right knob chucker'
by Ford Dagenham February 15, 2010
Serial drinking whisky shots at any oppurtunity.

Inspired by HBOs drama Deadwood this practice explains the agressive mood of frontier towns.
Shouldn't have done that bottle of brandy Deadwood Style last night. I had a raging head all through my dad's 60th.

Keep them coming barman; I'm drinking Deadwood Style.
by Ford Dagenham April 10, 2010

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