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someone who is pushing there luck and likely to become physically assulted for their actions
Rob) Can you please stop smoking in here, it stinks!

Dude) You're cruising for a bruising mate, do you wanna ask anything else?

Rob) <exits room>
by footjuice_solutions June 17, 2009
Either in foreplay or sexual intercourse, the act of grabbing both your girlfriends tits, and with your thumb and index finger rubbing the nipples as though you were tuning into a radio station
Mike) You're girlfriends tits are fucking massive
Steve) Yeah, i spunk up just by tuning radio luxemburg in


Simon) Put that porno on James, I wanna see those 2 lesbians tune each other into radio lux
James) sorry no can do, i dont want ur juices all over my room
by footjuice_solutions June 17, 2009
Someone with severe disabilities that gets disability benefits

in the UK, DLA refers to Disability Living Allowance, which is availble to anyone who isn't quite normal

Case is used in the subjective "nutCASE" style undertone.
Pete) OMFG, look at that fucking tard, how'd he get a new car?

Tom) Yeah I know him from school, fucking DLA case - gets it free off social coz he's too fat to walk

Pete) Lets steal his fucking keys then, my tax paid for that shit ffs, all i got is a banger
by footjuice_solutions June 17, 2009

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