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A threat to put your dick in something/someone.
Slap a dick in it.To let a girl know she is fine, as in "Damn Megan Fox is sexy, I'd love to "Slap a dick in it"!
Or to piss off a dude(past tense)"Saw your mama last night, yep, I bent her over and "slapped a dick in it".
When someone really means it, when they understand that 'getting a dick in it' is of much importance, add the word straight, as in "That girl in the miniskirt keeps bending over, and she's wearing no panties, and she has a bottle of 'anal glide' in her hand...I'm gonna have to "straight slap a dick in it"!!
by foolmoon70 July 25, 2009
Spanish for 'silver + gold'.Plata/silver-Oro/gold.
Name given to tiny mining town in the San Jaun Mountain Range in Southern Colorado.
Mined for silver and gold from the 1880s through prensent day.
At nearly 10,000ft. the Platoro Dam in Platoro, Colorado is the highest 'man-made' body of water in the United States.
by foolmoon70 May 16, 2008
Spooky and sexy.Spooky+Sexy=Spexy
"Damn ,Aaliyah was a spexy Vamp in the movie Queen of the Damned.
by foolmoon70 May 12, 2008

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