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boobs put into a well thought out chart defining the different boobs.
( .Y. ) normal boobs
(.Y.) small boobs
( . Y . ) big boobs
( .y. ) retarded boobs
( . | . ) flat boobs

this is the boob chart
by fool in the face April 21, 2006
this may sound rather wrong and offencive, if you have a small penis. but a Zangerdoodle is not a dick. it is when you are sitting there randomly and you get a boner, and your pants are tight at the middle lower area because you have sat down for a while and the chair lifted the fabric. it starts to hurt your penis as it bends back the wrong way. you have two choices let your little friend suffer, or fidgit in your pants to move it. ( I advise moving it, you dont want any permanent damage).
bobby: hey, hey dan....

Dan: what is it Bobby, i am trying to be a nerd and listen to mr. fatso!

Bobby: I got a Zangerdoodle...

Dan: well then fix it

Bobby: Ok, I just dont want any body to notice, unless they see how big my penis is by me fidgiting

(upside to this)
by fool in the face April 18, 2006
it is another word for, you guessed it balls, testicles or what ever word you can think of for you to call them. anyways it is a good way to say it infront of a teacher with out getting in trouble cause hey, its not a real word.
teacher: class its time to-
kid: CONICKERS!!!!
teacher: is somthing the matter kid
kid: no i just love saying CONICKERS!!!
by fool in the face April 13, 2006
the sack zone is a place where wusses, (nerds geeks you know) make a very large cirlce with that stuff you put on the grass for soccer and football lines and all that crap. then when you venture in, they run up to you and kick you in the nuts, like that show, only its less funny cause its you that got sacked by a nerd, and theres no cameras. the nerd generally think there cool after sacking you, thats when you beat them up!
nerd: hey guys I drew a sack zone circle yesturday!
guy: no one cares geek
nerd: but now i'm cool right?
guy: punches nerd in face, friends help beat up the nerd
nerd: my spleen!!!
by fool in the face April 13, 2006
a ladle is a precious tool givin to us by a superier being, who no one knows the name of, he is only known as... the ladle God. if you have no religion then look no farther, you shall become a ladlsion. worship the creater of a holy tool, the gigantic spoon, of gods, that makes serving soup and stew fairly easy and fun!
the ladlsion common prayer: ye all whp praise ladle god will be blessed apon with riches and glory, so ladle god please bring upon to me your ladlerific might and grant thy a ladle cleased heart and a side order of soup to go.
by fool in the face April 18, 2006

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