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stupid people that tax...INFLATE......tax....inflate screw up the USA econmy invade and country just because they want to and elect people that are stupid and are too narrow minded to elect anyone except white chirtsians...and no one else and make stuipd legislation like the "patriot act" they use government propaganda to corupt young minds so when they grow up they become narrow minded also
the usa government sucks
by fogot December 13, 2003
government excuse to give 6-18 something to doduring the day so when they have to pay off social security we have some "knowledge" so the old people wont get mad
school is so gay why do we have to go to it all we do is sit around all day long to lisen so called teachers teach becuase the love it but really its because when they retire they get a phat government package
by fogot December 13, 2003
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