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A master at hide and go seek/Hide and go seek champion of the world!
seriously no one can find Osama bin laden!!!!
by fnnw7777 June 04, 2009
an internet connection that sucks more ass then a wall-mart connection.
Guy1///Dude your this game is laggy
Guy2///Host must have a dollar store connection

"dollar store connection "
by fnnw7777 February 05, 2009
a clan that is very skilled in Call of duty world at war and some other random games. The clan was originated by fnnw7777 and his apprentice icefire24, they begun their clan as a simple joke as putting Dtck in front of their names as it appears to be Dick and then created a youtube account to show their game play and to make random videos, but since then they have gained little popularity and is highly respected in the gaming community as a bunch of dicks who like to glitch piss people of and make vids of it.
random guy= you guys are a bunch of dicks and dont deserve to play call of duty or xbox live for that fact.
DtCK clan fnnw7777 and icefire= you can suck my penis, and oh ya we recorded how much of a noob you were.
random guy= FUCK
by fnnw7777 January 25, 2009

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