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The person who sacrifices themselves and goes up to the airline representitive at an airport departure lounge to ask the question that everyone wants an answer to. Usually followed by an airport-wide announcement, and a dissaproving look in the Scape Passengers direction. Likely to result in being stuck in worst seat oin aircraft
"I got stuck being the Scape Passenger the other day when our flight switched gates and they didnt make an announcement"
by flyingspikes April 30, 2009
Means your flight isnt going to be leaving in the near future. Chances are the airline crew for your flight arent even in the same city, and wont be untill well after your flight was supposed to land. Usually announced after a "late inbound aircraft" delay and before "engineering requirements" cancellation.
Delta Flight 1182 has been further delayed due to "Crewing Requirements"
by flyingspikes April 30, 2009

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