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1. The event of calling someone out on his or her attempt at a booty call.

2. Rejecting the booty call in a possibly humiliating way-letting the booty caller know that you are aware of his or her intentions and you have no interest.
Example 1:
10:53 PM
"So, what're you up to tonight?"
"Watching a movie, what's up?"
"Just thought I would see if you wanted to hang out."
"Really? That's sweet. Maybe you should start asking me that question before 10:30 at night."
"Damn, this is a booty call-out isn't it."

Example 2:
"Hey. Do you want to come watch a movie?"
"Do you want to spend time with me instead of genitalia? I'm booty calling you out."
by fly_on_a_wall October 21, 2008

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