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I.) the only club in the entire high school which requires work before the school year even starts.
1. wake up at 6:45 every morning to arrive at school BEFORE 8am (to be on time is to be late, and to be early is to be on time)
2. work your butt off until 12 outside learning sets and reviewing marching
3. work on your music inside, or go outside to run your sets with the music, until 3:30 (or 5:00 if you have sections)
4. go home until 6:00 and head off to a band party until 10:30
5. try to stay awake long enough to take a shower
6. set your alarm for the next morning
7. go up to no. 1

II.) then, it requires practice after school...
monday, wednesday, thursday - 2:30 - 4:45 (so u can catch the 5:00 bus)
tuesday - marching clinic
friday - GAME DAY calltime is 5 so you mine as well stay anyway...
saturday- competition !!
sunday - holiday parades or tv gigs anyone?

III.) Where you meet your second family, and your best friends and where you gain all of your inside jokes that go on your buddy profile.
Flutes kick brass in the marching band.
by flutistfreakx3 January 24, 2007
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