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A form of music widely said to have orginated in the UK although some say it has been prominant in New York and the rest of the USA before the UK. The leaders of the movementare widely accepted to be Klaxons (UK) and CSS (Brazil).

The music contains many Dance (music genre) orientated elements alongside elements of Indie Rock. A typical new rave band would consitst of: a vocalist, a drummer, a guitarist, bassist and a keyboard player.

Other things associated with new rave are: Glowsticks, MDMA (ecstasy), bright colours, tight fitting clothes for both males and females, necklaces that have large logos or 7" vinyl discs.....
New Rave Bands: Klaxons, CSS, Shitdisco, Datarock, Hadouken!, Late Of The Pier, New Young Pony Club, Trash Fashion.
by fluorescent-guy June 11, 2007

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