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A lunch that takes two or more hours. One must be an intern at a corporation, and be insignificant enough to be gone for two hours or longer without being missed in the company.
Intern #1: Yo you want to go for an intern lunch?
Intern #2: Sure. Should we invite the other intern?
Intern #1: Nah, he's actually smart and contributes to the company.
#intern #lunch #corporation #insignificant #food
by flunflinflas July 28, 2014
Morraquita (mo-rra-kee-tah); a young woman, generally of Hispanic descent, who is easily impressed by a man with money, fine clothing, or a seemingly important job (i.e. an office-space with a view and computer screens).
(Guy introducing his girl to his friend at work)

Guy #1: “Mira man, this is my morraquita”
Guy #2: “Do you mean your morrita??”
Guy #1: “Nah man she’s a morraquita, she’s very impressed with my computer screens”
Morraquita: “Wow babe this is where you work?! Cuantas computadoras! Mi novio es muy importante!”
#morrita #morita #girlfriend #impressed #office
by flunflinflas July 23, 2014
Office Door Cake (Dor-keik);

The kind of cake that gets smashed all over your shirt after a co-worker opens the door too quickly from the other side. Generally happens when cake is served due to office birthdays.
Co-worker #1: What do you think of the new guy?
Co-worker #2: That asshole office door caked me the other day and ruined my shirt. I hate him.
#office #cake #accident #hate #murder
by flunflinflas July 28, 2014
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