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A pussywhipped person (usually male but can be female) is a person that enjoys serving and being submissive to women. As female bosses and female leadership are becoming more common, the term is being used less as the female-in-charge is becoming "normal"
A pussywhipped male, for example, would much rather spend a Sunday hosting a pedicure party for his girlfriend and her friends serving them wine and food and giving them all great pedicures instead of watching football and drinking beer and eating pizza.
by flrjohn August 12, 2006
A pedicure party is a gathering of females which combines a party and pedicures. Typical size is 3 to 10 girls and 1-2 pedicurist that give the girls pedicures usually about 30 minutes each (shorter than a typical salon pedicure). Drinks, food, good gossip and fun are normal pedicure party happenings.
My wife has invited 3 of her friends over to the house for a pedicure party this Saturday afternoon.
by flrjohn September 09, 2006

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