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Declared improvement that makes a task more difficult than before, when it was perfectly fine.
The keep working on the old interface until it became a real dimprovement. Now it requires scrolling on each input.
by Floyd-Humphrey September 28, 2011
Apparent erosion of the English language. Habitual overuse of a comparative "like" to conveniently reduce a circumstance to a description or verbal illustration. Also preemptively excusing one for not having come up with a better matching expression. Customary decline in readiness to making a commitment to a statement.
Seems to have been invented by Paris Hilton, but now being used by like everyone - oh.
Dearticulation of finding an unexpectedly long line of people: "I was like walking down the street and saw like a hundred people standing a the gate, and I was like - oh my Gosh!
by floyd-humphrey December 20, 2010
Outcome of the Superbowl, contradicting the own or common prediction, expectation, or hope for the winner.
Have you seen the game yesterday? That was another blooperbowl...
by Floyd-Humphrey February 09, 2010
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